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奇習・カセ鳥 "Kase-Dori" the Strange Festival
奇習・カセ鳥 / "Kase-Dori" the Strange Festival

国内紀行 / Domestic Trip

"Kase-dori" is an traditional fire prevention festival since 15th century. Young people waring "kendai" (a bird shaped straw coat) makes a parade.

古峯神社拝殿 / Kobahara shrine

All Kase-Doris stand around a fire at the front of Furumine shrine, and pray for success of the festival.

古峯神社境内 /a court of Kobahara shrine

On the street, spectators pour water on Kase-Doris, and pray fire prevention.
Peformers ware nothing but "kendai" and underwares.

新丁坂下 / Shincho-Sakashita

An open wagon is used for movement. It's really cold.

石崎町通り / Ishizaki-cho street


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